Happy Hearts Day 2012

oh, blog, you. so terribly neglected.

it’s valentine’s day, and that’s come to mean more than it ever used to. we love to celebrate etta’s heart on this day by going out to our favorite coop store and having a family date. this happens to be one of our all-time favorite things to do just about anytime, actually. it almost always involves the following: chocolate. yes. i’ve successfully raised two very small chocolate hounds.

here’s what family date night involves on valentines day: chocolate and wearing dresses. which makes coco especially happy.

may you have love-filled moments throughout your day as you appreciate the blessings around you.

love, us girls at the blacklantern.



No foolin’, we are well into the new year. Spring/summer weather has the girls begging to go outside everyday. Lots of dirt,water,sticks,rocks,bugs,poop,fire,dirt,grass,flowers,rock, swinging,bikerides to do! Etta is feeling well and as long as we don’t make too big of a deal about next year’s birthday party, we’ll be OK.( it took a week to get over all the attention that accompanied turning 3.) Thanks for all the prayers/support in the recent past. We are truly a living testament to God’s grace.

Jesse & Juana

Happy New Year!

Well, another year come and gone! It has been a while since our last post. We have been slowly recovering from Etta’s last big surgery. It was great to celebrate Christmas with family and it is wonderful to see Etta playing with cousins, all the while not seeming to be at any disadvantage in terms of health. Her little cheeks and lips a rosy and pink and she has as much energy as ever a 35 month old could. We are grateful for God’s promiseĀ  to see us through all of this. Other’s that we have met along the way have experienced much heartache and our prayers go out for them.

We wish you all Love, Truth, Faith and Health this year.

Jesse & Juana

One Month

Yesterday marked one month post surgery for Etta. As of this weekend, Etta is feeling much better and her appetite is improving daily. At times this has seemed like the longest month of our lives. The last two weeks here at home have been especially challenging for all of us as we are short on sleep and energy and Etta requires much attention and has been physically and emotionally fragile. Solvej is also at a very needy stage in her development, so the girls are really keeping us busy! The first snow on Saturaday morning was exciting and the gilrs peeked out the window at the wite stuff. Winter seems to be on its way and that should mean fun in the snow for Etta.P1300506P1300628

Swift Return

We are currently waiting to be discharged from the hospital. Etta has some congestion in her right lung due to some nerve damage that has affected her diaphragm function. This is a time issue and she should regain full breathing function inĀ  a few months, but it will probably be slow going for a while. We will have to work with her to do some respiratory therapy for a while but otherwise we don’t have to do much else, just let her get plenty of rest and good food to build up her strength again. Thanks again for all yor support and we will keep you updated on her progress.


Set Back

Etta’s recovery has taken a turn for the worse and we are heading back to Mayo for help with some respiratory problems. We may also be dealing with a allergic reaction to one of her meds. Please pray for her healing. We will post more when we know more.

We Have Landed

Etta ready to leave St. Mary's

We’re home. We made it. Seems like forever but we made it. Etta slept for 15 hours. She really needs the rest after being interrupted constantly in the hospital. It was kinda sad to leave the families that we had met who were just starting their journey. We look back and are thankful for God’s faithfulness thru all of this. We hope that Etta’s story can continue to be an encouragement for others going thru similar circumstances.


Dad showing Etta how to eat "super carrots" to stay healthy.

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